With such an extensive range the hardest part is choosing a colour!

Splashbacks or Colour backed glass is most commonly used as kitchen splashbacks, bathroom wall cladding and other customised purposes such as table tops and whiteboards. Gerry’s Glass offers an extensive colour range and with thousands of colours to choose from, we believe the colour possibilities are endless. Further extending from the wide variety of solid colours, colour backed glass is also available in a metallic option.

Apart from the above variations available, colour backed glass can be manufactured in two different types of glass, the first being a standard colour backed glass known as clear. Clear glass naturally has a green tinge effect, therefore when painted this green tinge is exaggerated especially on lighter colours. Though more costly,  low iron glass offers the highest level of clarity in terms of colour matching.

Depending on application, colour backed glass is available in float glass as well as toughened safety glass. Toughened safety glass is essential when used in a kitchen near a cook top or when subject to cut outs such as those needed for power points, range hoods and holes.

Typically colour backed glass is 6mm in thickness, in compliance to Australia’s safety standards. With the most common method of application being glue fixing direct to surface, colour backed glass avoids the time and costs involved in removing existing tiles.