Is there a warranty on workmanship?

For your peace of mind, Gerry’ Glass works and services are proudly guaranteed against defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials for a period of twelve (12) months from the invoice date of the goods.  This includes glass and/or framework  adjustment due to normal wear and tear. This includes adjustment of shower hinges, pool gate hinges and moving parts. If the product and installation has surpassed the 12 month warranty period, a service call fee will apply.

Claims on glass defects/scratches or hardware defects must be made within 48 hours of installation, any claims made on defects after this period will not be covered under warranty.

Click her to review Warranty Policy.

How do I clean and maintain glass?

Cleaning glass and hardware should form part of a regular maintenance routine. As it is important to preserve the clarity and performance, any deposits or dirt on surfaces should be promptly removed.  Click here for Care & Maintenance Instructions.

Laminated glass is comprised of two pieces of glass, bonded together with a PVB interlayer. When broken, the glass will generally crack however the interlayer will hold the glass in place. Laminated glass is available in a variety of thicknesses to include 5.38mm up to 12.38mm standard, as well as numerous custom made configurations. Laminated glass should always be installed in a fully framed application, such as doors and fixed panels.

Toughened glass refers to glass that has been heat treated, making the glass approximately 4 times stronger than annealed (standard) glass. Unlike laminated safety glass, when toughened safety glass breaks the glass will crumble into tiny pieces that are relatively harmless. Toughened glass is generally used in frameless installations, such as shower screens, balustrades, glass roofs and entry doors.

What type of glass is most effective for noise reduction?

Whilst glass plays a major role in reducing noise, it is important to note that other means must be considered such as wall and ceiling vents and gaps in the wall, floors or around window frames. However, different types of glass dramatically reduce noise, for instance:

3mm annealed glass                                 0%

6mm annealed glass                                19%

6.38mm laminated safety glass                24%

10mm annealed glass                              38%

10.38mm laminated safety glass              43%

Where is our glass sourced?

Gerry’s Glass sources glass locally as well as internationally. Some products are sourced from local Sydney suppliers, whilst for others we import ourselves from countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Europe and some Asian countries. All our glass is sourced in compliance with Australian Manufacturing standards.

Do we have a showroom?

Gerry’s Glass has a showroom located in Sydney’s inner western suburb Leichhardt. The showroom is open to the public Monday to Friday 7am til 5pm and conveniently on Saturdays from 7.30am til 12pm. On display we have louvres, frameless shower screen, balustrade, mirrors, frameless sliding doors and table tops.

What products are available with respect to energy efficiency?

Gerry’s Glass is able to accommodate to energy efficiency requirements. Whilst we stock Low E glass, there are various manufacturers of energy efficient glass which is why we are constantly researching the market to find the glass most suited to your specific requirements,

Eg: To meet SHGC and UV values required by the council.

What on site preparation is required before we can measure?

Before our estimator can take measurements on site, all tiling works must be complete in the bathroom (for shower screens) and all bench tops, range hoods and power points must be installed in kitchens (for splashbacks).